Chrome is testing a new feature to make your web browsing smoother


Google Chrome is working on several new changes to tab groups in Chrome Beta for Android. The changes are based on continued user feedback on ongoing adjustments to the functionality of the Chrome OS browser.

Chrome has long tinkered with tabs, windows, and groups in its browser. From recent changes that let you save groups of tabs to support for multiple windows and the ability to relaunch closed tabs, Google always comes up with new updates to make the browsing experience in the world better. smoother application.

First spotted by XDA Developers, the first of the new modifications indicates that the links predefined to launch automatically will no longer create a group. Now they will open in a separate tab instead.

Next is the addition of an “Open in New Tab” option, which now appears in the context menu that appears when you hold down a link. This allows users to open the link in a new tab, whereas Chrome currently only allows new links to be opened in a group.

Trial and error

In an official message on Chrome Web page, an employee notes that you can “still create a group of tabs by dragging and dropping in the tab selector, or by selecting” Open in new tab in group “from the long-press link menu, but you ‘I will only see one if you create it yourself. “

Chrome is continually making adjustments to its tab groups based on user feedback, and this recent round of mods is another experiment to gauge user feedback. If you feel like trying the new tab group settings, you can do so by downloading the latest version. Chrome beta for Android from Google Play. Chrome Beta for Android will install as a new app, and you can use it with your current Chrome app.

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