Google (especially Google) thinks I’m in another country


I had the strangest problem. It started the other day by going Google for Internet printing services. Google continued to return results for businesses based in the UK (I’m in the US). The local map listings recognize my correct location, however, up to town.

Then every time I go to a website that checks to see my country, I get results displayed for Europe. An online store based in the United States (and which I have purchased from) now displays all prices in pounds sterling. And going to Kickstarter automatically has my language set to Italian.

I considered that this could be a problem with my VPN (NordVPN, which was connected to a US server) and I disabled that, the Shift + Reloaded. No change. Then I decided to try another browser – I usually use Chrome, so I opened Firefox. Same problem on Firefox!

Then I tried Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge did NOT have the same problem. Kickstarter released the American version – hurray, right? Then I realized that the search bar I was using to “Googling” Kickstarter was actually Bing. So I tried an experiment. I went to and searched for Kickstarter. By entering Kickstarter again, from Google, everything is again Italian.

I tried to restart my computer, without success. He still thinks I’m somewhere in Europe (although, oddly, since the reboot Edge now knows I’m in the US and can’t reproduce the issue there anymore, but Firefox and Chrome have me both as being in Europe, always).

I checked my IP address using a website that gives me details about me based on my IP address and says I am in the United States.

I’m completely lost … I don’t know what to do. Please help.

EDIT: one more relevant detail. I don’t have this problem on my work laptop, which I use on the same internet connection at home, and where I am also logged into all of the same accounts. The only difference that jumps out at me between the two would be NordVPN, which I use on my home computer, but not on my work laptop.

EDIT2: I just ran another experiment. I erased all data from Firefox (it’s my backup browser anyway). I then went straight to Kickstarter and got the US site. I went to google and googled kickstarter. By clicking on it via Google, the Italian site was dismissed. Now that it’s done, closing and re-entering via a direct url keep bringing me to the Italian site.

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