Is it possible to get hacked, how to avoid it?


This question is primarily for 2D game websites.

I’ve been online for years and follow basic things like using strong and different passwords on every website, never using common / personal passwords, using emails different, clear cache and cookies often … etc.

as well as virus scanning and checking the sites I visit and things I download.

Earlier, I realized that one of my accounts on a game was deleted by someone I never even spoke to, at least when I checked the account data file on website, there was a weird user with my account sending freebies and different IP addresses. Funny thing, it’s just a secondary account that they didn’t get on my primary account, but it’s always annoying to see an account wiped out like that without even knowing how and without wondering if your primary is the next one or worse.

and before that i remember on another website someone messed something up in the codes and whoever visited the certian account got hacked. their accounts that they have actually been hacked.

and of course when we contact support their first conclusion is that we simply gave information to one of our friends and refused to act.

So, I would like to know if it is really possible to get hacked without giving anything, that simple by anyone who is bored without complicated hacking programs, maybe with cookies? I often hear that it is possible to use cookies to hack someone.

I don’t want a full process, of course it is not appropriate to give such a thing to the public as people will miss using it, but I just want to know if it is possible and what methods like cookies can -being or whatever, I will do my own research and tell the website to try and fix it and increase their security.

so far i have changed the account password, not sure if it is enough as this person can get back to it using the same method.

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