Windows 10 “Let’s Go” launcher, web browsing header is being deployed


Microsoft appears to be adding new options to the large header of Windows 10’s Settings app, according to our own tests and user reports we’ve received. Microsoft started experimenting with the Settings header two years ago and it was released to more users with the May 2020 update or newer.

Microsoft is now rolling out two new options in the Settings app: Go and the web navigation buttons. We’ve spotted the options in production versions of the Windows 10 October 2020 Update, and both options are designed to recommend Microsoft, Edge, and Office 365 services.

In the coming weeks, you should see a new “Get even more from Windows” banner at the top of the Settings app. The banner will appear when you install the Windows 10 Monthly Cumulative Updates, but most users should see the banner after a system restart.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the banner says the “Let’s go” button lets you enjoy the “Full Microsoft Experience”.


This option will open up a full screen interface called “out-of-the-box experience” and it will cover the entire screen, which means you won’t find the traditional title bar with the options to minimize, maximize, or close the window.

Windows 10 OOBE

The first page of this “Let’s go” screen highlights the Microsoft services you should try.

This includes Windows Hello, the Your Phone app, Office 365, etc. You can click “call me back in 3 days” and the pop-up will reappear after three days or you can click “continue”.

The next screen is “Use recommended browser settings” and it suggests you apply the recommended browser settings, which shows Edge as the default browser and Bing as the default search engine. Microsoft will also pin Edge browser to taskbar and desktop when you select the first option and apply settings.

Recommended settings for Windows 10

The third screen is a full page recommendation for the Microsoft 365 Year One Discount Offer. Microsoft is experimenting with two Office 365 ads and depending on your account history, you will either receive a 50% offer or a one-month free offer.

Microsoft 365 announcement

You can click on “no thanks” to exit the configuration.

Web browsing header in the Settings app

Once you are done with the full screen setup experience, you will be taken back to settings and a new ‘web browsing‘ option will appear. The ‘Web browsing‘ option, which cannot be turned off, advises users to restore the ‘recommended’ browser.

Windows 10 Settings Banner

You can browse the pop-up screen and restore recommended browser settings on Microsoft Edge and Bing. This will also pin the browser to the taskbar and desktop.

Interestingly, the option will also appear when your computer’s default browser is already Microsoft Edge browser.

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